Free 126 Niche Ebooks with MRR Download

126 Niche Ebooks with MRR


All the popular broad niches are covered in some way and you can buy the whole package today for just $5 bucks!



Check out the categories:

Health And Fitness (11 rebrandable ebooks)

Medical Ailments (18)

Self Development (13)

Parenting And Childcare (8)

Relationships And Dating (4)

Home And Gardening (9)

Outdoor Sports And Adventure (11)

Survival And Security (4)

Pet Care (4)

Auto (3)

Personal Finance And Taxes (6)

Senior And Eldercare (3)

Jobs And Career Planning (2)

School And College Education (3)

Travel And Vacation (3)

Cooking And Dining (2)

Fun Activities For Kids (4)

Miscellaneous Niches (18)

I have the package myself and I have opened up some of them at

random to check the quality. They are collections of articles

focusing on tips about each subject, well laid out. Most of them

seem to be around 50 pages or more with tons of information. The

grammar etc may not always be perfect but its acceptable. I think

your visitors will be very happy with these books, especially if

you give them away free.

The package has been put together by my online friend Abhi Agarwal

who has hundreds of niche sites himself. In fact if you have been

around a while you may remember him from promotions for Matt

Callens HyperVre site builder Abhi was the guy in India raking in

$ 15,000 a month from niche Adsense sites in Matts case study. So I

imagine he probably had all this niche material written for his own

sites originally and then saw the opportunity to make the ebooks

rebrandable and offer them to other marketers. Thats why

you get such a great deal.

Oh and by the way the rebrandable links are mostly to Clickbank

products you are not just promoting his own products the way

you have to with some rebrandable ebooks (although there are some

of those too you can sign up to be an affiliate). So there is a

real benefit in terms of affiliate commissions from the links

inside the ebooks as well as building your list and giving value to

your visitors.

This is great value here folks but it wont last long.



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