Free 2006 Magnum , Charger , SRT-8 , 300 & 300C Service Manual Download

2006 Chrysler , Dodge : 300 , 300C , SRT-8 , Charger , Magnum Original Service Manual LX in PDF

Why you must choose that manual from all others that you will find for sale ??

Because each chapter is with his title bookmarked and not with code file names as are ALL others Manuals that are for sale in internet .

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PDF format suitable for Windows XP, Vista, 7 , 8 , Linux and Mac

FULLY Bookmarked and Searchable PDF

Body, Chassis & Electrical

Wiring diagrams

Most Complete Workshop Manual Available

Numerous Illustrations & Diagrams

Technical Diagnostic Procedures

Disassembly & Installation Procedures

Written by the Manufacturer

Used by the Dealership Mechanics

You can print the specific pages you need to accomplish the repairs required or print the whole manual.

The following Engines are covered in this manual:

2.7 L, Six Cylinder, 24 Valve, DOHC, Gasoline, Aluminum Block (MPI)

3.5 L, Six Cylinder, 24 Valve, SOHC, High Output, Gasoline, Aluminum Block (MPI)

5.7 L, V-8 Cylinder, HEMI, Multi-Displacement, Gasoline

6.1 L V-8 Cylinder, HEMI, Multi-Displacement, Gasoline

3.0 L, V-6 , 24 Valve, DOCH, Common Rail Turbo Diesel , Aluminium Block

The following TRANSMISSIONS are covered in this manual:






0 Lubrication & Maintenance

2 Suspension

3 Differential & Driveline

5 Brakes

7 Cooling

8A Audio/Video

8B Chime/Buzzer

8C Clock

8E Electronic Control Modules

8F Engine Systems

8G Heated Systems

8H Horn

8I Ignition Control

8J Instrument Cluster

8L Lamps

8M Message Systems

8N Power Systems

😯 Restraints

8P Speed Control

8Q Vehicle Theft Security

8R Wipers/Washers

8T Navigation/Telecommunication

8W Wiring

9 Engine

11 Exhaust System

13 Frame & Bumpers

14 Fuel System

19 Steering

21 Automatic Transmission

22 Tires/Wheels

23 Body

24 Heating & Air Conditioning

25 Emissions Control

Component and System Index

DTC Index