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Finally, an Illustrated Ebook That Teaches Little Children Alphabet in the Most Fun Way…

The Alphabet of Birds!

How many old kids do you know can recite a poem, a phrase or a prayer without knowing what they mean?


And it’s because, they were taught the wrong way to read when they were learning their ABC’s!

Dear Friend,

Teaching Little Children their first lessons in reading and writing can be a very challenging experience. A kid may easily memorize the ABC for instance but to him or her it could be nothing but a meaningless blabber of rhymes.

Therefore knowing how to teach little children is the first step that you should take in order to impart to him or her any knowledge that has meaning and that begets more knowledge.

Fortunately, tools have been invented to assist a parent or a teacher in imparting knowledge to a young kid. One of these tools is the Bird Alphabet.

The bird alphabet is a fully illustrated ebook that will help a young kid his or her first reading lessons in life.

Without doubt the Bird Alphabet is a very important learning tool for every young children.

Beside teaching kinds the ABC The Bird Alphabet also:

Makes kids associate each letter to a kind of bird specie therefore learning about the bird species as well

Makes kids learn poetry since each bird description is told in verse

Makes kids conscious of the environment around him or her

Makes kids appreciate the learning experience more

Just take this following example:


A is an Auk,

Of the Artic sea,

He lives on the ice,

Where the winds blow free

The Bird Alphabet is completely printable!

Simply open the pdf file that comes with this package and print the illustrated pages with your desktop printer.

Or better still, simply open the pdf file and bring your kid in front of the computer to give him both his first reading and computer lessons right on your computer screen!

Order the Bird Alphabet today and watch your kid’s knowledge grow by leaps and bounds within a matter of days!

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