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Section 1: Facebook Ads Basics

Chapter 1: What are Facebook ads?

Chapter 2: What can you accomplish with Facebook Ads?

Section 2: Setting Everything up before creating your Ads

Chapter 3: What should you do right before creating your ads?

Chapter 4: What type of websites can you use to advertise with Facebook Ads?

Chapter 5: Creating a Facebook Page Step by Step

Chapter 6: Creating a Facebook App Basic Intro

Chapter 7: Creating a Facebook Event Step by Step

Chapter 8: What type of videos should you create to advertise with Facebook Ads?

Section 3: Creating Ad Campaigns Step by Step

Chapter 9: Boost your posts

Chapter 10: Promote your Page

Chapter 11: Send people to your website

Chapter 12: Increase conversions on your website

Chapter 13: Get installs of your app

Section 4: Ad Analysis

Chapter 14: How tracking can get you on the right track

Chapter 15: How optimizing can get you closer to your goals, faster

Section 5: Additional Tips to consider

Chapter 16: 10 dos you should consider for a successful Facebook Advertising venture

Chapter 17: 10 donts you should avoid for a successful Facebook Advertising venture

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