Free Johnson Evinrude 1958 – 1972 Outboard Workshop Manual Download

Johnson Evinrude 1958 – 1972 Outboard Workshop Manual.

Covers 50hp to 125hp , Inline 3-cylinder and V4 2-stroke models, 1958 to 1972.

Step-by-step illustrated keyed procedures guide you through every conceivable job , including all adjustments .

All jobs covered from general maintenence to full stripdown repair and rebuild.

Separate chapters cover:

general information; tools and equipment; boating safety; engine tune-up; engine disassembly and reassembly; fuel system; ignition system; electrical system; cooling system; drive unit; tilt and trim systems; engine specs; torque specs; maintenance and off-season storage; wiring diagrams.

Carburetor Application Description Disassembly & Assembly Preliminary Adjustments Preliminary Idle Speed Adjustment Removal & Installation

Carburetor Adjustments Fuel And Fuel Tanks Idle Adjustment Oil/Fuel Mixture

CDII Ignition System Compression Description Flywheel Identification Ignition Coil Ignition Module Operation Power Pack Sensor Coil Service Testing Troubleshooting

Centering Pins Service

Charging System AC Lighting Coil Tests Alternator Output Test Choke Circuit Tests Troubleshooting Rectifier TESTS Stator Tests

Compression Check Checking Compression

Connecting Rods And Pistons Assembly Description Disassembly Inspection And Service Installation Removal

Crankcase Cover Cleaning And Inspecting Service

Crankshaft Assembly Cleaning And Inspection Crankcase Cover Installation Installation Removal

Cylinder Block Assembly Head And Powerhead Installation Honing Procedures Service

Cylinder Head Service

Electric Primer Choke System Service Solenoid Testing

Electrical Systems Audible Warning Device Batteries Fuel Gauge

Gauges General Information Horns Introduction Tachometer Temperature Gauge Warning Lights Engine Serial Numbers

Equipment Not Required But Recommended Second Means Of Propulsion Bailing Devices First Aid Kit Anchors VHF-FM Radio Tools And Spare Parts

Exhaust Cover Cleaning Service

Exploded Views

Fasteners, Measurements And Conversions Bolts, Nuts And Other Threaded Retainers Standard And Metric Measurements Torque

Fiberglass Hulls

Fire Extinguishers

Flywheel Magneto Ignition System Description Service Troubleshooting

Fuel Gauge Hook-Up

Fuel Pump Cleaning & Inspecting Removal & Installation Service Tune-Up Task

Fuel System Accumix System Carburetor Electric Primer Choke System Fuel Pump Fuel Tank Fuel System General Information Introduction Manual Primer System Oil Injection Systems Variable Ratio Oil System

Fuel Tank Service

Functional Tests Emergency Stop Switch Circuit Key Switch Circuit Neutral Start Switch Circuit Trim/Tilt Switch Circuit


Hand Rewind Starters

Horns Cleaning Checking Adjustment

How To Use This Service Manual Can You Do It? Where To Begin Avoiding Trouble Maintenance Or Repair? Directions And Locations Professional Help Purchasing Parts Avoiding The Most Common Mistakes

Ignition Systems CDII Ignition System Flywheel Magneto Ignition System Introduction UFI (Under Flywheel) Ignition System

Internal Wiring Harness

Lower Unit Description Draining Filling Inspection Lower Unit Propeller Specifications

Main Bearing Bolts And Crankcase Side Bolts Service

Maintenance Aluminum Hulls Battery Storage Below Waterline Service Engine Serial Numbers Fiberglass Hulls Introduction Lower Unit Lower Unit Lubricant Capacities Pre-season Preparation Submerged Engine Service Tune-Up Specifications Winter Storage Tune-Up Specifications

Manual Primer System Description & Operation Service Troubleshooting

Oil Injection Systems Description Introduction

Personal Flotation Devices

Power Head Bottom Seal Break-In Procedures Bypass Covers Centering Pins Connecting Rods And Pistons Crankcase Cover Crankshaft Cylinder Block Cylinder Head Exhaust Cover Exploded Views Introduction Main Bearing Bolts And Crankcase Side Bolts Powerhead Reed Valve Top Seal

Preseason Preparation

Primer System Electric Manual

Propeller Inspection Removal & Installation

Reed Valve Cleaning And Service Description Installation & Assembly Reed Valve Adjustment Removal & Disassembly

Regulations For Your Boat Documenting Of Vessels Registration Of Boats Numbering Of Vessels Hull Identification Number Capacity Information Certificate Of Compliance Ventilation

Remote Control Box Removal & Opening

Remote Controls Description And Operation Functional Tests Introduction Remote Control Box

Required Safety Equipment Types Of Fires Fire Extinguishers Warning System Personal Flotation Devices Sound Producing Devices Visual Distress Signals

Safety In Service Do’s Don’ts

Spark Plugs Inspection

Specifications Lower Unit Lower Unit Lubricant Capacities

– Metric Bolts Powerhead

– SAE Bolts Tune-Up Specifications

Starter (Bosch) Removal & Installation Disassembly & Assembly Testing

Starter (OMC) Removal & Installation Disassembly & Assembly

Starter (Prestolite) Removal & Installation Disassembly & Assembly Testing

Starting System Description Operation Starter (OMC) Starter (Bosch) Starter (Prestolite) Troubleshooting

Submerged Engine Service Saltwater Submersion Submerged Engine(Em Dash)Freshwater Submerged While Running(Em Dash)Special Instructions

Synchronization Powerheads

Tachometer Service

Temperature Gauge Service

Tools Electronic Tools Hand Tools Measuring Tools Other Common Tools Special Tools

Tools And Equipment Chemicals Safety Tools

Top Seal Installation Removal

Trim/Tilt Motor Disassembly & Assembly Testing

Trim/Tilt System Description Operation Trim/Tilt Motor Trim/Tilt Unit

Trim/Tilt Unit Removal & Installation

Troubleshooting Fuel System Starter

Tune-Up Battery Service Boat Testing Carburetor Adjustments Compression Check Fuel Pumps Ignition System Internal Wiring Harness Introduction Lower Unit Propeller Spark Plugs Starter And Solenoid Synchronizing Tune-Up Sequence Water Pump

Tune-Up Sequence Major Tune-Up Minor Tune-Up

UFI (Under Flywheel) Ignition System Charge Coil Description And Operation Flywheel Identification Ignition Module Stator Coil Testing Troubleshooting

Variable Ratio Oil System Service Troubleshooting

Water Pump Checking

Winter Storage

Wiring Diagrams

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