Free Jungheinrich Electric Lift Truck EFG 213, EFG 215, EFG 216, EFG 218, EFG 220 (02.04-12.08) Workshop Service Manual Download

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Jungheinrich Electric Lift Truck Type EFG 2xx.

Original factory manuals for Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:

EFG 213 (08.2004-12.2008)

EFG 215 (08.2004-12.2008)

EFG 216K (08.2004-12.2008)

EFG 218 (08.2004-12.2008)

EFG 218K (08.2004-12.2008)

EFG 220 (08.2004-12.2008)

Format: PDF, 395 Pages

Language: English


Operating Instructions

Technical Description of Components

Multi-Pilot 2xx Component Arrangement

Solo Pilot 2xx Component Arrangement

Multi-Pilot 3xx Component Arrangement

Solo Pilot 3xx Component Arrangement



Traction motor

For sensor bearing disassembly / assembly refer to 004 014 293 00008



Travel switch/Accelerator pedal

Brake system

Brake pedal

Parking brake

Multi-plate brake

Steering system

Steering column

EFG 2xx swivelling bolster

EFG 3xx Steering Axle

Power steering pump

Steering system block diagram

Chassis / load section connection

Tilt cylinder

Hydraulic system

Control panel

Control valve

Pump motor / pump / pressure filter

Electrical System

Solo Pilot block diagram

Multi Pilot block diagram

Information and Service Display

INFO displays

Effective hours on/off, sound on/off

Resetting the service interval counter

Resetting the UW interval counter

Activating / deactivating operating programs

Test and Setting Values / General Truck Data EFG 2xx / 3xx

Truck Maintenance

Service Manual Items

Steering angle sensor replacement / adjustment

Steering angle potentiometer replacement / adjustment

Brake multi-plate replacement

Braking distances, minimum braking ratio

Main brake cylinder (single stage)

Guidelines for brake line installation

Screw connection torques in brake systems

Brake fluid replacement

Parking brakes

Steering auxiliary motor connection layout

Outer cylinder replacement

Check dimensions and settings for masts with angled support rollers

Load chain elongation testing


Control valve standard setting

Assembly instructions for die ring screw connections

Lowering brakes and line brake safety devices

Notes on how to avoid accidents and material damage during maintenance, test and repair work on industrial trucks with electronic components

Notes on how to avoid malfunctions and material damage when cleaning an industrial truck

Colour coding key

Wheel bolt disassembly / assembly

Tilt speed setting

Sensor Bearing Disassembly/Assembly

AS 4812F and AS 4814H CAN Bus Controllers

LISA and Parameters

Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Hydraulic Diagrams