Free Linde Electric Lift Truck 336-02 Series Explosion Protected: E20, E25, E30 Operating Manual (User Manual) Download

Original Illustrated Factory Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Linde Electric Forklift Truck E336-02 EX Series.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:




Format: PDF, 96 Pages

Language: English



Proper usage

Unapproved use

Description of use and climatic conditions

Receiving the industrial truck

EC declaration of conformity


Type plates

Technical data

Noise emission value

Frequency characteristic for human body vibrations

Technical description



Hydraulic system




Brush monitor

Check the insulation resistance

Insulation resistance warning

Insulation resistance fault


Electrical system

General view of truck

Controls and indicators

Composite instrument

Hour meter

Battery discharge indicator

Indicator lights

Overheating warning light

Reverse direction warning light

Insulation monitor indicator light

Motor brush warning light

Beginning operation

Safety rules


Safety information

Operation of industrial trucks in the plant area

Handling fluids and lubricants

Periodic safety inspection

Explosion protection inspection

Running-in instructions

Daily checks and services before operation

Checks and services prior to initial operation of the truck

Daily checks

Tighten the wheel fasteners

Check the condition for leakage resistance of the tyres

Opening the overhead guard

First lock-in position: Servicing position

Second lock-in position: Battery change

Closing the overhead guard

Disconnecting the battery plugs

1st version

2nd version

Connecting the battery plugs

1st version

2nd version

Checking the battery state of charge

Charging the battery

Connect the battery to a suitable external charger

Check the condition, electrolyte level and specific gravity of the battery

Battery change

Battery removal with a crane

Adjusting the driver’s seat

Applying the seat belt

Opening the seat belt

Turning on the key switch

Turning off the key switch

Check the braking system

Check the horn

Depress emergency isolator button

Unlock emergency isolator button

Inspect the forks



Travel in the forward direction

Travel in the reverse direction

Reversing the direction of travel

Malfunctions during operation

Single-pedal model

Steering system


Braking system

Service brake, electric brake

Foot brake

Operating the electric motor brake (LBC)


To engage the handbrake

To release the handbrake

Operating the horn

Wiper operation

Operating the manual wiper

Operating the electric wiper

Turning the wiper on

Turning the wiper off

Turn signal lever