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Individual items are to be overhauled in the sequence in which they appear in Polaris Genesis 2000 Parts Manual . Items numbers in the illustrations are referred to in the text. Overhaul operations include reference to Service tool numbers and the associated illustration depicts the tool. Where usage is not obvious the tool is shown in use. Parts Manual tool numbers are quoted, for the equivalent Parts Manual Cars tool number refer to the Service Tool section. Operations also include reference to wear limits, relevant data, and specialist information and useful assembly details.

This Body Repair Manual is prepared for technicians who have attained a high level of skill and experience in repairing collision-damaged vehicles and also use modern service tools and equipment. Persons unfamiliar with body repair techniques should not attempt to repair collision-damaged vehicles by using Polaris Genesis 2000 Parts Manual . Technicians are also encouraged to read Body Repair Manual (Fundamentals), Frame Repair Manual (Fundamentals) and the Polaris Genesis 2000 Parts Manual in order to ensure that the original functions and quality of the vehicle can be maintained. The Body Repair Manual (Fundamentals) and Frame Repair Manual (Fundamentals) contains additional information, including cautions and warnings, that are not included in Polaris Genesis 2000 Parts Manual . Technicians should refer to both manuals to ensure proper repairs.

Polaris Genesis 2000 Parts Manual COVERED:
Change the brake hydraulicsystemoilpressurefilter
Appendix A Manuscript Techniques
Clean air cleaner element
Main Chassis Plug Identifications
Measuring Technology of Freezer Performance Parameter
To Replace The Battery
Decals cab
NICAM And CRT PCB Component Layout

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