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Valiant Charger Information Manual

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This Information PDF on the Valiant Charger & Chrysler’s is invaluable to the collectors and enthusiasts of these vehicles.

Has information on the Hemi 5.4, 5.7, 6.0, 6.8, 8.0 & 8.1 LTR

Contents of the manual include

VF Specifications

CM Specifications

RV1 Specifications

SV1 Specifications

AP5 Specifications

AP6 Specifications

VC6 Specifications

VC Specifications

Pictures 1

VG Specifications

VH/CH Specifications

VJ/CJ Specifications

VK/CK Specifications

CL Specifications

Pictures 2

Hemi Pacer

Hemi Magnum V8 Engines

Important Notes For Hemi Owners

General Hemi Information

Displacement On Demand

6.1 Hemi

VH Pacer

Series Information

Valiant Chargers /T E49

How to tell a PH Pacer from other VH’s

VH Charger Campaign

Early Valiant Information

Colour Codes

Model Codes

FAQ: What format is the download file in?

The download file is a RAR file, you need “WINRAR” installed to extract it. You can download from here:

FAQ: What if I have problems downloading?

When downloading large files (if using IE download directly) you may experience timeout sometimes. If this happens, I suggest using a download manager (Flashget, etc.) to avoid this.

If you still have download problems, please contact tradebit at: [email protected]

Format: PDF

Language: English